Quick Thinking Saves The Day

There was a solo truck accident on the Sunland off-ramp Monday afternoon. When we arrived, we found a large box truck laying on its side and the driver sitting on the cab. Deep tire marks chewed through the median island and except for a broken tree and sprinkler heads, there were no injuries.

It looked like a truck that missed a turn, and then the story came out. The driver (who requested that his name not be used) was going down the off-ramp when his truck brakes went “soft” on him. Quick thinking and rapid action saved the day for a lot of people. Eight hundred feet down from where he was, traffic was going through a green light on Sunland Boulevard. If the truck could not stop, there would have been a major traffic accident with possible deaths.

The driver veered off the ramp into the soft dirt median where the truck sank in and rolled over.

Lives were saved today. Thank you for your professionalism!

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