Tiny Tygers By The Tail

Dear Editor,

It’s Allan, local artist and Instagrammer. We’re both promoting Sunland-Tujunga and “freedom of expression” in general so I just wanted to send you a line on a story that I think the public should know about.

The Tiny Tygers preschool on Sherman Grove is closing after 20 years of service to the community. The family that works there will be out of work and they live right behind the school. As you may imagine, there’s a little consternation about this. Unfortunately the family feels the owners (Foursquare Church) are being very uncommunicative about this ordeal and seem to have disappeared. As a parent of one of the students there, I tend to agree with the family and feel it is my job to call out injustice whenever I see it.

As a reporter of truth, I only ask you to mention the fact in the Foothills Paper, a paper that as a community stakeholder I respect.

With regard,

Allan R. Reyes

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