What will the 2016 Election Bring?

I woke up this morning with a feeling of apprehension and fright that I couldn’t put my finger on it; things just didn’t feel right. I was still laughing at Kathy Anthony’s window cartoon of what was really frightening: Clinton & Trump. Here we have two totally incompetent candidates that are going to re-form our world.

Just when I think that no one can say anything more dumb than they have, BAM! One or both of them say something so far off the charts that I have to think that they must be a Sunland-Tujunga Facebook administrator.

And that is really scary to me. I never really believed that “we the people” really controlled the elections. Somehow people just got elected and we went along with it. Nobody ever talked about the amount of money that changed hands before and during the elections. And then there is the amount of “free money” that the candidates are raising by their offthe-wall comments. I mean that we are talking billions of dollars in free air time that the candidates got by saying really dumb things. Sort of like the Gong Show of elections.

And we can’t do anything about it. I wonder what our progeny will be thinking in the coming years. It must be okay to lie and make up things; after all, our elected leader did it. Really now — we have come so far in civil rights matters. Minorities and women can be a part of our society. Even the LGBT groups have a sense of security and can feel a part of society. And then comes Trump with his contemptible flaws of character. I’m an editor of a newspaper that raises awareness of what is right and wrong in our community. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve always made amends for them. But I’ve also done what I felt was needed for our community: 12 YEARS OF TELLING THE TRUTH. It got people to talking and acting on things. The big joke here is those small people who set up the Facebook hate sites and hide behind their computer.

Like little Trumps having a tantrum, some of our so-called community leaders have overstepped the bounds of civility and one-by-one are getting called down for it.

But it also gives me pleasure to see these “bad” people doing “good” things, like getting the Mission College Campus here. Like cleaning up Commerce Ave. and getting the local businesses working together. That’s what makes me feel like it was worth all the effort. I love the idea of the Commerce Center Plaza being the center of our town. I love the idea that it is bringing in commerce and new money to the community.

Yes, boys and girls, you can only be frightened if you let yourself be. But we are beginning a renaissance here and I don’t think that anything or body can stop it. And yes: it was probably the water!

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