Botox Girl: I’ve Got Answers!

by Terri Whiting

Take it from me, I love Botox! Botox is so effective at preventing and softening facial lines that Botox and I have been having this love affair for more than 10 years, hence the name “Botoxgirl.” It’s my e-mail and my license plate, and people have recognized me and said, “Hey — you’re the Botox girl!”

My love affair is out in the open; I can’t hide it — it’s addicting. We meet every three months and I’m proud of it! I received several questions after the articles on Botox, Vampire Face Lift and the OShot. I would love to share with the Foothill community some of the common questions emailed, or people ask me, about certain cosmetic treatments including my favorite: Botox.

If I have Botox injections, will my frown lines look worse after the Botox wears off?

No, actually it’s preventative. Over time, your frown lines may soften after having Botox treatments. The Botox prevents you from repeatedly frowning and causing microinjuries to your skin. Without Botox, the frown lines will continue to become deeper and more noticeable as time goes on. Stop the movement, stop the injury.

Do the Botox injections hurt?
Um… yeah, just a bit. The needle is very thin and small. Ice can be used or a numbing cream can be applied prior to the injections. I find most people only experience a little pressure or pinch with the needle and don’t bother with numbing

Does the Vampire Face Lift require a lot of blood?
No, one tube is usually plenty for a procedure. If there are a lot of platelets extracted from your tube of blood, I like to combine both the Lift and the Facial into one treatment. It makes a great combination with better lasting results.

What exactly is a “Vampire Facial” compared to the “Vampire Face Lift” ?
With the “Facial” procedure, your platelets are painted on the surface of your skin and infused onto your entire face by using tiny mico-needles. During the “Face Lift” procedure the platelets are injected directly into your skin at various locations, like under the eyes for dark circles. How often should I get the Vampire Facial or Lift? Honestly, I’m addicted. I do my own treatments and have seen amazing results. I have had so many compliments on my skin since I started doing the Vampire Facial/Lift. The treatments can be repeated anywhere from three to six months. It depends on which areas are being treated.

How long does it take for the O-Shot to start working?
The O-Shot takes anywhere from three weeks to three months to begin feeling effects.

If you have any questions about some of the cosmetic procedures that are done at Josail Skin Care, drop me an e-mail.

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