Herb Wesson Visits STNC

L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson came to the STNC meeting last Wednesday night to congratulate the NC for sticking together and bringing the problems of money owed to the NC for moving and other expenses, and in particular the need for the NC to come back to North Valley City Hall where it had been for twelve years. Councilman Felipe Fuentes in a fit of “snit” banished the STNC from the city owned building. Wesson, ever the showman stated in a moment of exuberance, “I love this job! I love being a public servant and seeing things happen!” The meeting was well attended with over 125 stake holders and another 30 youth from Verdugo Hills High School.

Alisa Orduna, the Mayor’s Homeless Policy Director spoke about different ideas that the city is working on to help reduce the homeless population in Sunland-Tujunga and throughout Los Angeles City and County. When it came time for public comment, about 15 people stood in line to make comments and short presentations. For once in a very long time, people in the audience stayed to listen to them. Our NEW neighborhood council is getting the word out with their new website and community outreach. Pat Kramer received a potted plant for her birthday and Dana Stangel of Teranga Ranch presented Wesson with a can of “Coyote Bane” after she made a short presentation about coyotes in our neighborhood. Coffee and pastries were provided by Arnie of Arnie’s Coffee N Cruise.

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