Dear Editor,

Thank God! A very close friend of mine was driving by the bicycle accident last Tuesday. She stopped and tried to keep Mr. Knopp concious, reminding him that he MUST have someone who loves him and needs him to come home that night. He tried to open his eyes when she asked him to, and then he died. His wife found out when she realized he was late getting home from work, so she located his cell phone’s signal and went driving to where the signal directed her, and that’s how she found out it was her husband that had been hit by a car. The police didn’t really offer much information at all,even now, so you can imagine how grateful Mr. Knopp’s family was when my friend called on them to let them know that he didn’t die alone and that he had his family on his mind when he passed. I am very proud of my friend…her name is Bridgette O’Donnell. I can only imagine that her sharing this with this man’s family, they were able to find some peace in the situation, knowing that he tried to hang on and just couldn’t.

NOW…I’m not surprised why that accident happened… the bike lane ends so abruptly that this accident was inevitable! Something ought to be done about that. The bike lane ended and basically Mr. Knopp was a sitting duck, if you will, and if you look at the location of the accident, it’s been an accident WAITING to happen and I can’t believe that no one has been hit there before now. To Mr. Knopp’s family, may God bless you at this sad, sad time…and may Jeffrey Knopp rest in peace. I have heard he was a wonderful husband, father and brother, that left all of you WAY too soon. I am so very sorry for your loss.

Debbie Zell

Editor’s note:

The name of the man killed while riding his bicycle was Jeffery Herbert Knopp of Sunland. He was struck by a car and killed about 5:15 p.m. He was 60 years old.

The motorcyclist who was struck by a car on Foothill Blvd. near Pinewood on Monday, Nov. 7, survived.

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