Dangerous Traffic Signals

Dear Editor,

There are two Two Dangerous intersections in Tujunga.

One is the intersection of Tujunga Canyon Blvd and Elmhurst Avenue: it’s an ongoing off and on situation. When a vehicle going downhill on Elmhurst Ave. and runs over the underground trip-loops, the signals for Tujunga Canyon Boulevard turn yellow and then red for two to three seconds, causing a slight slowdown for the traffic. Drivers on Elmhurst see this and think they have a green light which doesn’t happen. Some pull out to make a right turn when they don’t really have a green light. This is a aVERY dangerous situation!

Then there is the ninety-degree intersection of Elmhurst Avenue and Haines Canyon Boulevard. A couple of years ago when Elmhurst Ave was re-coated, the street crew put down a stop line (but no lettering) too close to the intersection. The previous line was approximately 20 feet back from the intersection giving drivers room needed to make the left-turn onto Elmhurst. Drivers on Elmhurst now drive up to the line without stopping, causing a dangerous “chicken”situation. (See attached Google photo of the previous markings as they should be. Elmhurst is the street on the lower-right).


Russell Ferbrache

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