Deck The Halls With Boughs of Botox!

by Terri Whiting

The holidays are here and Botox is in the air! It’s that time of year for holiday parties, family gatherings and looking our best.

Some of the recent questions I received this week were about getting ready for the holidays.

I have a Christmas party in two weeks, when is the best time to get Botox?

Plan at least one week in advance. It takes approximately five days to see the effects.

How much downtime will I have if I do a peel?

It depends on the depth and type of peel.

The VI Peel is my favorite. 2-3 days after the peel are the worst days, lots of peeling going on!

Little to no pain with this peel. Have your peel on Thursday, go to work on Friday, by Monday all the peeling is gone! Plan this type of peel 10 days before any holiday party. I love peels, they are effective at reducing those fine and deep lines especially around the mouth and chin. Skin always looks so refreshed and youthful after a peel!

I have baggy skin under my eyes, I will at some point need surgery, What can I do about it now?

My favorite is treatment for baggy skin under the eye is to do small injections of PRP, (platelets) underneath the eyes, Effects would be seen in 2-3 weeks. The day of the injections would be the only downtime. Using firming creams does help, peptide creams help to build collagen and firm skin. Using a concealer one-two shades lighter than your foundation will help to reflect the light away from and reduce the appearance of any hollow dark circles or creepiness of the skin.

Remember to look the way you love, love the way you look! .

If you have any questions about some of the cosmetic procedures that are done at Josail Skin Care, drop me an e-mail.



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