Trump’s War on Women

Dear This is a call for intelligent women to give new meaning to the term “war on women.” Regarding the presidential election, unfortunately, too many hapless women joined the “good ol’ boys” to plunk for “The Donald.” What have they promoted? They have supported a poor male role model for young people.

First, he has shown disdain for any woman who isn’t a Barbie Doll — replete with flowing blond locks and cosmetic frippery — dressed in evening rather than professional business attire. Second, he has shown young men his disrespect for women by his past actions of inappropriate advances, sexually predatory behavior, and perhaps, even worse actions in his long odyssey through the bedrooms of this world (including his many hotels).

Hopefully, the same women of this country can educate our weaker sisters, who were carelessly drawn to a pop culture icon, to take the proper steps so that their daughters do not become pregnant at 15, and also so that their sons’ names will not pop up on the National Sexual Predators List at 17.

The nightmare is only beginning..

Amelia Anderson

Tujunga Stakeholder.

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