An Expert in Everything?

Dear Editor,

Regarding Ms Anderson’s Letter To The Editor (Dec 2): I don’t feel like falling into the cesspool where she obviously enjoys living. She makes Trump sound like a choir boy. If she believes (not feels) so strongly, ask her about her condemnation of Hillary for supporting Billy Boy and attacking his accusers. She is the ugly, evil side of hypocrisy.

I’m sorry you thought her letter as important enough to publish. Or maybe you only get one letter a month.

Your printing of Amelia Anderson’s letter is a new low for a local paper. I am, quite frankly, fed up this this kind of misandrist sophistry. It actually causes men to think nothing of women’s perspectives, zero. All women with opinions get to sound like Joy Behar.

Women like Amelia also fail somehow to remember Hillary’s excoriation of the women who made accusations against Billy boy. They also fail to remember Michelle’s excoriation of Hillary on that subject ending in her famous quote “If you can’t manage your own house, you can’t manage the White House.” And just what does Tujunga Stakeholder mean? More double talk?

I hope you will allow a rebuttal, I am happy to reply with the same uncivil, equivocation as her. Otherwise, may I suggest you stick to our local issues.


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