Honey Oil Explosion, Fire Rocks Glencrest Dr. Garage

It may not have seemed like much of a fire, but the explosion that rocked a Glencrest garage set fire to a car parked in the driveway. The small blaze, which kept re-igniting, ultimately made big news during the local 6 o’clock broadcasts.

Two civilians were discovered across the street from the burning structure along the 8300 block of Glencrest Drive. Both men were in critical condition with secondand third-degree burns. One was a 38-year-old male with 46% burns and the other was a 20-year-old male with 56% burns.

Police said the two residents were cooking honey oil (a marijuana process using butane gas) when the explosion occured.

Investigators said that the detonation blew off the garage door as well as knocked the garage off its foundation, making it hazardous for the firefighters to enter. The walls of the structure were visibly compromised too. The structure was red-tagged by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, an action which has made the collection of evidence difficult.

The victims were taken to a burn center. Police said that they will be arrested.

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