Your Packages May Be Delayed

Last Friday at about 4:15 p.m., a semi-truck lost its brakes on Foothill Boulevard near Tommy’s burgers and went careening wildly down the street. Seeing the problem, a person driving a mid-sized van pulled in front of the truck and applied the van’s brakes in an attempt to slow the truck’s speed. Unfortunately, that didn’t work.

The truck driver, seeing the only clear area on Foothill, pulled up against the curb in front of the BerkshireHathaway building. The truck struck two power poles, a fire hydrant and a decorated DOT box before coming to a stop in front of O’Rileys Automotive.

The side of the truck caught on one of the power poles and was ripped open, spewing packages across the sidewalk.

It took more than two hours to get the truck back on its wheels so it could be offloaded and towed away.

No injuries were reported.

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