If You Love Your Kids, Don’t Park Like a Jerk

The school on Lowell has become a safety hazard. Chamlian Armenian School is located approximately 250 feet south from Foothill on busy Lowell street in La Crescenta. Many people use Lowell to access the freeway to and from work and it can get very busy during rush hours. To compound the problem, there are parents access the school to pick up and drop off their students. These cars and pedestrians frequently risk traffic laws as they hurry their children to and from school. They double park, they cross the center divider to avoid the doubleparking, or they will block passage to load passengers. I have even seen pedestrians run from the church parking lot across the street without looking as well as some using the storage center driveway and the red zone for parking.

The crossing guard has been absent for years but recently, a security guard has helped to navigate the school’s small pick-up and drop-off area. However, it appears the problem is too large for one guy. For example, instead of waiting in line down Lowell like all the others, people will attempt to parallel park directly in front of the school. Also, sometimes cars will be double-parked for loading students. This leads to other cars going around them and entering the oncoming lane. I have frequently had to adjust my vehicle to avoid head-on collisions.

The storage center north of the school always has parents pulling out of their drive way. Others park illegally in the red zone every day. This impedes traffic attempting to turn south on Foothill or continue on Lowell, because cars are unable to access the lane. Frequently, I have to wait behind the cars queued up for turning left onto Foothill and this line extends all the way past the school.

When all these quick pick up options are unavailable, cars will park at the church across the street and parents will jay walk their students across both lanes. Of course, this further complicates an already confusing situation with cars darting in and out among the traffic. Illegal parking and jaywalking at this school is adding to traffic and increases safety concerns for our community. It’s bad enough we have people blocking the street to access IN N Out. While I appreciate the security guard, I don’t understand why people continue to practice dangerous driving practices. Last month I noticed Glendale PD handing out tickets, but things have returned to business as usual lately with the threat of punishment gone. What will it take to secure a more safe thorough fare for the whole community? Other schools have multiple personnel to aide in the arrival and departure of school children, why is this school not properly addressing the situation?


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