The Rains Came, But The Drought Remains

The rains came and the rains went. I really thought (hoped) that winter had finally arrived in Tujunga. Although we’ve had more than enough rain this year, the drought is still present. Driving up and down Oro Vista to the Big-T, the backedup rainwater was evident but not the torrents of flood that we’ve had in the past.

The lack of water in the Big-T wash during and after the rains was unexplainable. Although the weather station here in Tujunga showed two inches of water dropping on Foothill Blvd., there was no apparent danger from the water. Just the drivers that seem to go crazy as soon as their windshield wipers start.

Traditionally, our rainy season begins to increase in January and February, and this year we had about two inches of rain in December — just enough to cause 23 accidents and carry the trash from the homeless camps down to Sunland.

A large amount of our water comes from groundwater that flows down to the water table and fills the aquafers for the city.

One thing the rains did was to help the parched trees that have been dying off from lack of water. But the rains haven’t done enough to compensate for the drought. With any luck, we will pick up the additional five inches that we’re short by the end of February. Snow has been falling in northern California and the resulting moisture should begin filling our depleted reservoirs.

In talking with S-T residents, nearly everyone is doing something to reduce their water usage: low-flow shower heads, toilets and restricted yard watering are helping. We’ll see what the coming months bring.

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