Dale Gibson for L.A. City Council CD 7

Our leaders go off to DC, Sacramento or City Hall and do want they want- get ready to move on to their next political job. I feel that our representatives should be in touch with us. Our Councilperson should meet at least monthly with the local Neighborhood Councils and be directly engaged with residents.

We have problems that need solutions! I learned while out getting signatures and while running my own business that the customer is always right.

But professional politicians have stopped listening to the customers- you- the voters. They’ve left us behind for their own ambitions. I’m running to represent YOU and YOUR issues.

On Land Use- “Communities are saved or destroyed one parcel at a time. It takes a tremendous amount of expertise, research and effort fighting to make sure nothing inappropriate happens”

Developers have already re-zoned so many parcels of land, it would take decades to finance and build them all. An example of a bad project- the Samoa project- built in a residential neighborhood and added dense apartments with already stressed street parking. We need to control our growth and maintain the quality of life we love in our neighborhoods.

On Filming- I’m sure most of you know that Heather and I have been in the picture business for, well ever… We know firsthand that it is called a business for a reason.

As your Councilmember, I would work to bring back filming to LA. We need to film in here first. The City needs to do everything it can to incentivize the core film industry and keep productions local. I’m the only one running with significant entertainment industry experience that can make sure the right policies are in place at City Hall to support the Industry.

On Homelessness- In our district AND across the city, homelessness is a huge problem. We need to develop a strategy and engage on the issue and stop sitting on our hands. I’ll lead the charge to find a solution that both helps those in need and cleans up our community and stops the camps that pose a safety threat, like those in the wash.

I will be taking part in the January 2017 Homeless count and am already working to get a meeting with the County to work on a local plan a new strategy to solve the problem, instead of keeping with the old hands off policy.

On High Speed Rail- I oppose the High Speed Rail project. It is a multi-billion dollar boondoggle we cannot afford and it will tear our neighborhood in half. Trains running 200 mph every few minutes on elevated tracks will disrupt our neighborhoods, our businesses and our quality of life. The route is wrong for our community and as Councilmember I will fight against it!

On Water- I have a history as a conservationist- I led the charge to get permission to use reclaimed water for things like dust control and today, our equestrian community is using recycled water during this historic drought. The City, however, hooks right up to the clean drinking water to clean our streets. We can be smarter about water use and conservation at City Hall. I’ve done it myself and will do it for our City.

In Closing- I ask that you give me this chance to work with and for you, and take your ideas and solutions to City Hall and fight for them.

When elected, my team will focus on our local community and not continue to support political insiders at City hall. We’re going to do this from the ground up!

I feel your frustration and mine, and I know we can do better working together.

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