Karo Torossian for L.A. City Council CD 7

Dear Voters:

I have always believed the measure of any citizen is in their willingness to be active in serving the community. As a member of the Neighborhood Council and the Director of Planning and the Environment in Council member Paul Krekorian’s offices I have led the fight to:

• Protect our open spaces and preserve wildlife corridors.

• Opposing the High Speed Rails plans to divide communities and destroy the environment.

• Turn 3 abandoned lots into new city parks and revitalized blighted areas.

• Preserve our historic buildings and monuments.

• Work with local businesses to cut red tape and create hundreds of new good paying jobs.

• Pass zoning ordinances to curb overdevelopment and mansionization. During my first term, my agenda for the district will be:

• Always putting our community interests, above those of special interests.

• Actively listening to every community’s needs and being responsive to community concerns.

• Fighting to reform the DWP to serve the needs of the residents of our neighborhoods to prevent unnecessary rate increases.

• Working to get homeless out of our parks and streets and into permanent supportive housing programs.

• Bringing more fire companies and ambulances to our community to increase safety and reduce response times.

It will be my greatest honor to serve you on the Los Angeles City Council, I hope you will consider voting for me on March 7th.

-Karo Torrosian

“As a firefighter and resident of our district, I support Karo Torossian for City Council because he will fight to improve fire safety services and cut down on response times.”

-Charles Hisserich,
Sunland Resident

“I support Karo for City Council because he is a true public servant. As a regular at the Sylmar Neighborhood Council meetings and other community events, he is always there to listen and learn about the issues important to Sylmar residents. Karo has earned my support and he deserves our votes to be our next city Councilmember.”

-Anne Job,
immediate Past President,
Sylmar Neighborhood Council

“I support Karo for City Council because he has a record of fighting for our communities, preserving our open space and protecting our environment. Karo worked to preserve more than 280 acres of open spaces in our neighborhood and fought to require polluting businesses to respect the community and clean up their act. That is why! trust him to stand up to High Speed Rail and protect our communities and the environment from its destruction.”

-Bill Eick,
past President of SHPOA
(Shadow Hills Property Owners Association)

“Karo knows the: issues we face in this area because he has been working, every day along with me, fighting and winning tlie biggest battles in City Hall for the people of the Valley. I have been able to count on hiin every time the going got tough, and so can you. He is prepared, he is tough, he is caring and he will always stand up for the people. Karo will be an outstanding Councilmember for this area.”

-Paul Krekorian,
Los Angeles City Councilmember

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