Living Near a Thieves Den?

Dear Editor,

My house was robbed about two months ago. I am very upset about the fact that it took six hours for police to show up to my house. The police showed up six hours later because they were so busy and spend five minutes at my house and they were not useful or helpful at all.

I live in Shadow Hills and there is a street called Green Verdugo Blvd. near my house and an old lady lives there that has homeless people living at her house. This is insane.

The police said they can not do anything remove these people. I think they are the robbers robbing many homes in Shadow Hills. I hope that there is someway someone can do something about this. This is becoming a very dangerous neighborhood. I have two kids and I am scared for my life now after being robbed. To remain confidential I do not want to give out my address.

I really like your newsletter after subscribing to it on Facebook. I hope that there is a way we can have our own police station on Foothill Blvd rather than a police company that works in conjunction with Pacoima and other cities that take up all their time. Sunland Tujunga and Shadow Hills need their own police. I will help anyway I can to help make this happen. I hope I am not the only person feeling this way. Maybe you can address this and we can get together as a community and make this happen to make our community a safer place to live.

David, thank you for all you do on Facebook and the newspaper. Your time and dedication is great and it allows me to feel like part of a community reading all the posting whether it’s the accidents happening or robberies.

Please let me know if you have any ideas on how we can address the police issue.


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