Mike Schaefer: Carpetbagger for L.A. Council District 7?

by David DeMullé

Michael J. Schaefer, or J. Michael Schaefer, or Mike Schaefer or John M. Schaefer or whoever he is, is running as a Candidate for CD-7 from Tujunga.

OK, so what if he uses a few variations of his name? At least unlike Richard Alarcon, he lives in the district, right? Well, maybe not.

Schaefer actually resides and works in Las Vegas, Nevada. He made a possible attempt to be a legal resident of the district in time for the CD- 7 race. On October 7, Schaefer rented a trailer for one night on St. Estaban St. in Tujunga. He then installed one Kyle Miller (a person he found on Craigslist) in the trailer, and apprently left town afterward. In documents filed by the court, (16VESCO5219) it was determined by L.A. County Superior Court Judge Lawrence P. Riff that “[t]he bottom line is that Schaefer never had a right to be present on ***’s property for more than one night: the night of October 7-8, 2016.”

Another statement from the court determined that “[t]he facts surrounding Schaefer’s conduct are unusual if not bizarre. Apparently in order to establish a residence for purposes of his candidacy for an elected office in the Los Angeles County, he sought out Defendant’s premises. Schaefer is a resident of either San Diego County or Las Vegas, Nevada. Schaefer contends that he is a very experienced politician and public servant (as well as one trained in the law).” [1]

[1] If Schaefer is the John Michael Schaefer — identified by the CA State Bar as number 35705 who reported an address (with the State Bar) of 3930 Swenson St., #103, Las Vegas NV 89119 — he is also the same Schafer disbarred by the California Supreme Court in November, 2005 following five earlier ethical violations in California and Nevada. The disbarment was on account of his filing a frivolous complaint and refusing to pay court-ordered sanctions and making false statements in an affidavit filed with the court.

This reporter finds that this Schaefer might be the ideal candidate for CD-7 and that his campaign motto could be “Vote for me — I’m a crook. At least you won’t be surprised later!” Editors note.

According to the city clerk’s office, Schaefer has now taken up residence in Sylmar.

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