This seems to be the on-going theme of this year’s election. And Wowser, there’s a lot of money riding on this election. I mean like we’re talking millions in campaign contributions! All for a job that pays less than $200 grand a year. Oh well. From the PRESIDENT of the USA to the lowly minions of the L.A. City Council, I guess they are paying for the title of the office so they can put that on their resume.

Here on the home front, suicides and attempted suicides are on the upswing, robberies and burglaries and downright vandalism are up. I complained to someone in the know and he reiterated the statement “If it’s not reported, it never happened!” People are getting so used to these daily events and the lack of police response, that they just don’t bother calling them in.

BUT last week it all came together in a La Crescenta burglary when the resident called the GLENDALE PD. It was a major showing of law officers and their back-up teams. The three suspects were searched out, rounded up and carted away — all within three hours. Maybe it was because it was a “mutual assistance” effort (including the LAPD) that it all came together within 30 minutes of the call? In any event, the suspects were caught.

Here in our little vortex, we’ve had the same events but with different results. We’re doing one hell of a lot better than this time last year. I’ve watched our SIX patrol cars hauling ass down Foothill Boulevard and catch the bad guys. People tend to forget that even though the city has enough money for more police officers, there just aren’t enough graduating from the academy to make up for those retiring. Think about it: this is one hell of a dangerous job. Would you want to go into a crime scene knowing that you might not make it home that night? Our liberal leaders have so shackled our law enforcement they are almost afraid to make an arrest without body-cams and backup witnesses to verify that they didn’t violate someone’s civil rights. WELL, that slows you down.

The chamber of commerce has just about gotten rid of the last vestiges of the Cleghorn machine and looks like it might actually start working with the local businesses to inform them about city regulations and how to become more effective here in S-T. Ever since past Chamber President Jim Moore left, the chamber has been in a downward spiral that I never thought they’d survive. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I think the new board of directors are the ones that are carrying it. NEVER have I encountered a more venomous, hateful, downright stupid group of people in one place: the OLD Chamber of Commerce. So maybe we do have something to look forward to this coming year.

Who knows — maybe it was the water?

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