AAA Study Shows Americans Expecting to Vacation at Some Point During 2017

After a polarizing and stressful election year, Americans are excited about vacationing in 2017. And as consumer confidence rises, more Americans will actually be able to afford to travel in the new year.

“There is a lot of pent-up demand for travel in the new year,” said Cindy Antrican, public affairs manager at AAA. “Whether they’re taking a road trip to a well-known domestic destination or visiting an exotic international locale, today’s travelers are seeking experiences that are unique and immersive.”

According to NBC 24, a recent AAA study revealed that 42% of Americans are planning on taking a vacation in 2017, with the majority of their desired destinations being in warm weather states and cities abroad. Beach vacations are particularly popular, and about 52% of survey respondents recently said they plan on taking a beach vacation in the next 12 months.

“With much of the country in the midst of a harsh winter, warm-weather destinations in the United States and Caribbean are topping most Americans’ travel itineraries,” said Joseph J. Richardson, President and CEO of AAA.

In Michigan, despite high fuel costs throughout the state, residents are still planning on following through with a vacation at some point during 2017.

“Obviously, if you’re going to take a road trip, it’s going to cost you more,” said Susan Hiltz, AAA spokesperson. “We’re looking at higher costs in that area, but people are still seeming to want to travel.”

WHTC reports that wholly 71% of Michiganders are already in the planning process of a vacation and expect their trip to be taken sometime during 2017.

AAA is expecting the two most popular months for vacationers will be during July and September, and Orlando, Anaheim, Miami, Las Vegas, and Fort Lauderdale are the most popular domestic destinations. As far as international travel, Punta Cana, Rome, Nassau, London, and Montego Bay are projected to receive the most travelers this year.

The study also shows that cruises remain a popular vacation among U.S. residents; about 24% of Americans are planning on booking one at some point during the next five years.

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