Burglar Busted Between Buildings

by David DeMullé

Where the suspect was captured

Where the suspect was captured

Last week’s capture of a suspect in the burglaries at the new apartment complex next to the U.S. Post Office on Tujunga Canyon Boulevard brought a crime spree that led the LAPD on a weary “catch and release” to a successful end. The contractor, whose name was requested to not be publicized, was checking out a section of security fencing when he heard a noise in one of the units. This was the same property that had been previously burglarized for its copper wire and heavy duty electrical cables.

minutes and captured the suspect running between the buildings. Neighbors gathered around giving information to the officers. It turned out that this burglary suspect was wearing the coat that was stolen from an apartment across the street a couple of days previous. The Community Christian Church had also been burglarized the previous week.

“This is the same guy that cut down a lemon tree to steal my generator at another site last year,” one victim said. The suspect was caught and released to steal again.

For more information on criminal activities in Sunland-Tujunga, please turn to page 10. The Crime Stats is a partial list of the last two weeks criminal activity. Find daily updates on S-T events at www.facebook.com/ groups/1073418669372524.

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