Continuing Efforts of The Cleghorn machine

After having suffered from the slings and arrows and downright physical attacks by the Cleghorn machine over these past eight years, it comes as a complete surprise that they would do something so blatantly stupid as getting caught stealing a candidate’s sign.

Well, I guess that when you’re so damn corrupt and have gotten away with so much for so many years, you eventually let your guard down. And they did. What’s left of the machine is pretty much diminished in our community, but they brought in an acolyte in the form of Liliana Sanchez. So now you have Cindy Cleghorn, Mark Seigel, Nina Royal and Liliana Sanchez playing community vigilante. And, yes — we are waiting to see the video.

It must have been a heady experience for Sanchez, who now gets to see the machine in action. Filing false police reports, calling city inspectors to harass local businesses and thumbing their noses at the citizens by running the neighborhood council and the chamber of commerce from behind the scenes. Do you remember the machine’s bogus “Best of Sunland-Tujunga” contest that was shut down by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment for giving fake awards to their friends? Yes, boys and girls, we have our own local version of ISIS.

One of the past STNC board members, John Blue, has been complaining about the machine destroying all his years of research when they cleaned out the NVCH storage area years ago. No one would believe him that then council president Siegel officiated at their destruction. Oh, well, as the saying goes, “the victor writes the history books.” And the machine was clearly the victor. They verbally attacked Fuentes and got the STNC kicked out of the North Valley City Hall. So they then made an unholy alliance with the absolutely corrupt chamber of commerce to pay the chamber’s rent, phone bills and the use of the STNCs really expensive copier.

But I can’t knock the chamber; they are really trying to change and get rid of the hate-mongers. Yet it’s really hard when some of their board members are machine advocates. Like even their salaried office manager is as corrupt as the machine members themselves.

Yes, this is a wonderful community that has a lot of old-time values. Some of our service clubs have gotten away from the stigma of either being totally delusional or just downright stupid. And I applaud them. Do you realize that it only took one person to destroy our Watermelon Festival, our Easter Carnival, our Old Timers Days and the integrity of our community? Oh well, it happened, and until I really get pissed off, I’ll let it ride.

This is Sunland-Tujunga, a really great community that has got to learn to work together or be destroyed by the developers and political wanna-bes. It’s up to you, the individual reader, to decide if you want to keep our community like it is — or to let it get destroyed.

And never forget: maybe it was the water!

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