Doc’s Believe It or Not!

Last Monday night, Cleghorn Machine members and S-T Neighborhood Council members Cindy Cleghorn, Nina Royal and Liliana Sanchez were seen coming out of Caruso’s Italian restaurant. the trio apparently stopped to steal a Monica Rodriguez for L.A. City Council sign. Sonia Tatulian was told by her source that when asked what they were doing with the sign, Royal stated, “We’re going to talk to the owner, Giovanni, about it.” Cleghorn and Royal are also Chamber of Commerce Board members.

This poisonous trio are known for their past exploits in attacking local businesses in the community. Word on the street claims that Sanchez and Royal are responsible for filing false claims about Munchies Mart in Tujunga, the result of which cost the owner the STNC election. Other sources linked Cleghorn and the long-gone Tomilynn Bowling to the bogus “Best of Sunland-Tujunga” contest wherein Cleghorn’s boyfriend and then-council president Mark Siegel broke into the logistics officers’ office and stole all the ballots.

Cleghorn, who is the owner of C&M Printing in Tujunga, has been identified by victims as being the person who turned them in to the city for sign violations. It is said that she started her campaign years ago against competitors and others she doesn’t like. She used a “hitman” named Joe Barrett who started an Internet blog to spread false identities, rumors and a campaign of lies to help destroy the Cleghorn machine’s perceived enemies. Early victims included the shutting down of the only homeless enclaves that were self-supporting and kept the homeless off the streets and stopped their panhandling. She is also alleged to have been behind the campaign to drive out of town the Vision 20-20 advocates and the curator of the Verdugo Hills of Peace curator.

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