Be Sure to Vote!

by Amelia Anderson

On Thursday, February 16, from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. at Tujunga City Hall, we invite you to connect to services for bridge or permanent housing, health and mental care, even SSI benefits; free lunch and backpacks, showers and flu shots will be provided.

Apologies for short notice. L.A. Family housing scheduled us first of the CD-7’s because they know they can count on us for quick response.

Speaking of CD-7, we extend an invite to all candidates running for the seat vacated by Councilman Filipe Fuentes. An unprecedented number of candidates, all blessed with multiple talents, have entered the race. Most list homelessness as sort of a distant major concern, but few have actually gotten their feet wet to be versed on the ABCs of who and what a social worker is and does and when or why programs exist to provide structure, the greater implementation of which are effective tools of the trade.

Without this knowledge confusion reigns, resulting in the rampant “no-show” attitude and action of our wanna-bees and elected office board officials. I predict an exciting political derby lineup March 7 at the polls. Breaking 40 years of neglect, the jockeying of position by those most prepared on the homeless issue will be the first ones to cross the finish line.

Anyway, the candidates’ forum at All Nations Church February 11 was a success and is to be followed by a candidate debate on Friday, March 3 at Mission College from 6 until 9:30 p.m.

Remember: Uncle Sam WANTS YOU TO VOTE on Tuesday, March 7. See ya at the polls!


P.S. Mayor Garcetti says No on Measure S; Yes on Measure H; and Yes on Measure M.

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