Elections For Chamber of Commerce

Well it’s that election time again. We started out with 30 candidates and they frittered away to 20. I can’t believe it when I hear people saying, “It’s wonderful that so many people are civic-minded enough to run for office.”

Yes it sounds good at first glance, but I can attest to the fact that going to all the mixers and meet-and-greets is bad for your waist. I applaud those who have taken the time to get on the ballot. But I really have to ask, “What do they really think are their chances of winning?” I ran for councilman in Arcadia back in the 1960s, and after seeing that two of my opponents actually had better platforms than me and that I would dilute the vote, I withdrew.

The whole idea of an election is to get those people with the best chances of winning to run. And their chances are predicated on their ability to actually do something great (not good but great!) for our community. In my opinion, that wipes out about 80 percent of those running for the CD-7 seat. In my humble opinion, this election is pretty much doomed to those two candidates that are the best-connected at city hall.

I’m not going to try and predict the winner, but the attacks on the candidates have already started. The regular people have “Punxsutawney Phil” to tell you when Spring will start. Here in Sunland-Tujunga, we have Wally the Whort and her tranny-granny fiancé to cast speculations on who is the worst candidate running. And I tend to go with some of their predictions. I mean, what the hell; in the real old days they would toss up chicken guts to predict the future.

But these are modern times, and now they cast their fate to the Facebook winds and try to incite people to follow them. And some really do, which gives credibility to the old adage, “If it wasn’t for the Internet, the mentally challenged wouldn’t have a voice!” And boy, oh, boy, do we have a lot of voices out there. Whenever I think of what the end result might be, I am reminded of Jonestown. Now those people didn’t drink the water, they drank the lemonade.

This is really an important election for us. And as for me, the best qualified person isn’t going to win. It will be the man or woman who is most in bed with city hall. At the last candidate forum, I made the comment, “Wouldn’t it be great if all these people could get together AFTER THE ELECTION to work with us and really make our community great? Oh well, you can see what I’ve been drinking.

There are some really good people here that really believe in the community. And they are doing something about it with no fanfare or photo ops. They just roll up their sleeves and get to work behind the scenes. Those are our heroes, and to be honest with you, NOT ONE OF THEM are directors of the Chamber of Commerce or the STNC! That tells you something, and it isn’t the water!

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