Analyzing the Candidates For City Council

Now this is going to be one hell of an election. With 19 candidates running for the seat vacated by Felipe Fuentes, it will be fun seeing who got how many votes. Yup, I’ve never seen so many hopefuls putting out the effort to contact their neighbors and build up a grass roots group to push them to the top of the pyramid. I applaud each and every one of them.

What is interesting to me is the old western feud of the ranchers and the farmers. Keep that simile in mind as we look at who would best represent US here in SunlandTujunga. We have three ranchers from Shadow Hills that really know ranching and what it would take to make Shadow Hills and the equestrians happy for the next four years. Then we have the good ol’ boys and girls from Tujunga that are drawing from the local watering hole and have a vested interest in keeping the Big-T safe for everybody (except the homeless).

Then there are those who have some actual experience in home town politics, connections with the Cleghorn machine, and are trying to make a name for their own organizations. And for once I’m not going to name names, I want them to have the benefit of gathering all their friends together for one hell of a good run against the real politicians.

You may be saying to yourselves, “Doc’s full of crap; he can’t even count how many people are running.” And you might be partially right. I really take umbrage (do you like that word?) when a for-real carpetbagger candidate like Mike Schaefer shows up from Vegas, rents a trailer on St. Esteban to establish residency, gets a kid from Craigslist to trailer-sit for him, and then ends up suing the landlord for not letting him get away with it. What’s really in it for him?

This is small-town politics at its best. I really love Bonny Corwin for fighting against all odds to do something wonderful this town. And then there’s Connie Saunders who is so clean-cut that I thought that she was a Jehovah’s Witness. That is until I received her “community package” where she slipped in some propaganda for the Church of Scientology. Yup, looks can be deceiving.

Look around you at the local candidates, they are really good looking. From Dapper Dave Barron and Rancher Dale Gibson to the rest of the boys and girls running, we could have our own fashion magazine. Hell, even Art Minor put on real clothes and shaved for the event. I’m proud of all of you. And the best man or woman will win this event.

Even Jose Castillo’s MBA has shown a new trend in Social Media exposure. I like his spunk. Now here is a candidate that would take on city hall with a vengeance. Unfortunately I got tired of his posting 5-10 times a day on all the forums. He’s a politician in-training. He’ll make a really good aide to whoever wins.

Now let’s look at the real politicians. I know that Karo Torossian isn’t as pretty as his opponent Monica Rodriguez, but they are the ones with the most political clout in city hall. And, boys and girls, that’s what is going to turn the tide this election. You have to think to yourselves — who’s my friend, or who’s actually going to kick ass and get things done for all of CD-7? Remember, we’re still the bastard step-child of L.A., nothing’s going to change that. But you can vote for that person that you think will actually make a difference when March 7 comes around. You can go drink your booze, smoke that funny stuff or just chill out. But whatever you do, don’t let me hear you say, “It’s the water!”

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