Police lied — Again!

Dear Editor,

I used to brag to my family and friends about how much I loved living in Sunland, CA. Now, I can’t even sleep at night and everyone on Odell Ave. is on edge and up all night standing guard waiting for the next crime to happen. My neighbors and I have become the police department because the Foothill Police Department seem to have nothing to do but sit at 7 11 and drink coffee.

There have been car break-ins, people sleeping in backyards, bikes being stolen, and people speeding down the street.

I called the police to report a crime and waited to see if they would come. I called back and they LIED to me and said they did.

The police need to ride around at night and watch the neighborhood instead of sitting at 7-11!

We pay taxes for the police to do nothing. He stops at 7-11 every evening and sees the police sitting in their cars doing nothing about the homeless people. Since the police are useless in our area everyone is now installing security systems, buying guns, and dogs for more protection.

A homeless person used a chair to jump over a wall and slept on top of a shed.

We can’t believe the Foothill Police Department does nothing! We spend our days checking and watching out each other. This had become a serious matter.

My neighbors and I have now purchased guns to protect our families and homes. So, whoever you are committing these crimes: we will get you!


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