Why aren’t teachers teaching?

Dear Editor,

I’m a single conservative/ small business owner, raising a 12 yr old daughter in a left wing society! It’s been a crazy election year at that! But also raising a child is pretty crazy too! Not being able to afford private school for my child, I have to depend on our local public school system to do their job of teaching her! (and teaching her what they should, like math, English etc.) So during this election time my child comes and tells me how 1 of the 2 teachers in question is having the t.v. On in class during teaching time and she is in deed watching CNN!

The 2nd teacher in question is bashing Trump on a Daily basis and talking and teaching things (like social justice) that have nothing to do with the class subject itself! How is this fair??? So I stand to say indoctrination is in our middle schools and I believe in elementary! Myself and my child’s father met with the assistant principal to address these issues, instead we felt he was trying to discredit our child into suggesting she was a bad child!(we had to redirect him as to why We were there)! He said with a written statement he will address our concerns! I truly hope so, because what the teachers are doing is wrong! What is happening to our town I love so dearly? What is happening to our country? God help us!


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