Election Aftermath

This local election was unlike any that I’ve ever seen. Now that may be good, or it means that my memory really is failing. In the past 12 years of running The Foothills Paper, there have been four attempts to create another “good news” paper that would put us out of business.

None of them caused us any problems because we actually told the truth about what was going on in our little town.

And we did something that the other media didn’t. We learned our lessons, and we tried to share those lessons with the community. One of those lessons was rallying the community to fight Home Depot. The machine claimed that they started the N2HD event, but in reality it was Nina Royal who came up with the idea and drug Wendy Greuel into the fray. Four hundred people were ready to drop everything to march and picket the old K-Mart site. And enemies worked as friends against a common enemy.

Then came the homeless. Some said that it was an invasion, but in reality, it was just the good ‘ol boys and girls that wanted to party round the clock and not be accountable to anyone. Once again, the community got together, created a Food Pantry, created a homeless connection day, got our elected government to take a stand and attempt to do something that would work for everyone.

And then the final blow to our sovereignty came when we decided to go against all good logic and fight the Snowball Project. People with absolutely no sense of reality put up signs saying “Save the golf course!” Now you have to ask yourself, What does that really mean? Did that mean that they were going to reach into their own pockets and buy the property from the developers? Nope, it just meant that they would let someone else buy their signs, maybe 20-30 people would actually protest, and the rest would pat themselves on their backs and say, “What a wonderful job we’re doing.” And of course, it all went to hell.

People forgot what the failures came from. People forgot that it takes more than signs and magnificent statements proclaiming that they were going to prevail because we were a “tight little community.”

Of course not.

Yup, they forgot.

And that is sort of what happened in this last election. People forgot how to rally together to elect ONE council representative of the people. But what the hell, everyone had fun, nothing got accomplished, the two top runners stayed the two top runners, and worst of all, ALMOST NO ONE CAME OUT TO VOTE!

There are some really interesting things going on to sway the voters this run-off election. Pay attention, because it’s going to affect your way of life for the next eight years. And even though the drought is gone, you can still say, “It was the water!”

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