McGroarty Development Detailed at NV City Hall

by David DeMullé

The NVCH auditorium was filled with people last week when Albert Davityan made his presentation of his development project at 8100-8160 Mc Groarty St. in Tujunga. Questions were presented by Chair Cindy Cleghorn, the board and members of the audience. Many were there to find out what was going to happen to the 90 Oak trees on the property.

Davityan was very personable and brought with him a battery of maps to show people the scope and depth of the project. He was able to fully describe the quantity and condition of the trees on the proposed development property. He explained that almost 50 of the trees in question were either dead or dying, and the remaining trees were going to be protected and spaced around the property.

What was nice to hear from a developer was his statement on how long the Davityan family has been in Sunland-Tujunga and what they have done to improve the community.

Davityan said that they opened their first family business Auto Body shop in 1982 in Tujunga and that is still being run by his oldest brother. They then opened Romance Flowers in 1990 in Tujunga. Five years later, in 1995, they opened the Cafe Romance (also in Tujunga) and it’s now doing business as Leo’s pizza. Davityan is a partner with his brother Dave Davityan and they have have been developing custom homes in Sunland/ Tujunga since 2003.

The projects that they’ve completed are on Hillrose St. in Sunland, Tinker Ave., Irma Ave., Langmuir Ave., Apperson St. and Creemore Drive.

With obvious pride in his voice, he said “We love what we do and our goal is to build quality homes with affordable prices.”

Here are questions that were asked and his answers:

1. With 19 acres to play with, why did you decide to only build 10 homes?
A. This is the best layout for this property, because it would leave lots of open space in between homes and it won’t give you the feeling of a track home development.

2. What are the sizes (approximately) of each house and it’s lot?
A. We are still in early stage of the subdivision, we’re not certain yet.

3. Do you have a map of the project in PDF format?
A. Yes I have a map for this project on PDF format if anyone wants to view it.

4. Did your geologist tell you about the water table near Mc Groarty Rd that is only 4’ down?
A. I don’t know the answer to this question, I’m sure if there is one, it will be in soils and geology report.

5. When is construction slated to begin, and end?
A. We are anticipating to start beginning of 2019 and end in 2021.

6. Is it going to be a “gated” community?
A. Not sure yet.

7. Is the SMART school part of your project? You said that it was going to be converted back to being a residence. How big is it?
A. This is not the SMART school, this is Canyon View Academy and it is apx. 2379 sq. ft

8. A question was posed by board member Liliana Sanchez: “Could it be different types of architecture?” And “How many houses can be seen from the road?”
A. You will only see 6 homes from McGroarty, but they will all have different architectural design.

9. What is the average price of the properties when put up for sale?
A. That will be determined when we get close to finishing and based on market value.

10. You mentioned that you were going to “donate” 9 acres to the Santa Monica Conservancy, have you actually gotten confirmation that they would accept them?
A. No it’s too early to know, but even if they don’t we would still keep it undeveloped.

11. How high up Mt. McGroarty does your project go? Will it connect with the White Bird Property?
A. The highest home will only be 100 ft above my existing home and it will be approximately 1000 feet North from Ridgeline – Fire Road.

12. All development projects have to have an ingress and egress, where will yours be?
A. One will be McVine and McGroarty and the other one will be east corner of the property, where there is an existing driveway already.

Although some heated words were thrown about, the meeting went very well and Ms. Cleghorn ran it with the expertise gained from years of being an STNC officer.

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