Wesson “Oils” The Gears!

With years of neglect, the neighbors on Hillhaven Ave. were driving a obstacle course of potholes and washboard pavement and damaging their cars and bikes.

The downward slope of Hillhaven Ave was created decades ago with the vision that “grey water” would go out of the homes and down the street. What the city did not realize is that as laundry detergents became more effective, they would cause the asphalt to disintegrate leaving ruts in the road. Considered to be one of “The Safest Streets in Tujunga” because burglars and hotrodders wouldn’t attempt to drive on the street.

City Council President and interim CD-7 councilman Herb Wesson heard the cries for help and “oiled the city’s gears” and got the street repaired. Now that’s pretty good.

Thanks, Herb!

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