CD-7 Primary and How This Election will Go

Well, boys and girls, it’s that time again, and again. Elections are coming and so are the photoops. It seems like every day, someone is having a get-together at some one’s restaurant — not to actually meet people, but to get people in group photos showing how wonderful they are.

Yup, politics are boiled down to how many people can relate to the candidate, AND, how many people can relate to the candidates’ followers. That’s politics in a nutshell. That isn’t really bad, but it does skew the curve on who is really getting the votes.

At the CD-7 primary, there were 19 candidates that really could do something wonderful for SunlandTujunga and its neighbors. Now it’s boiled down to two. What I enjoy the most is watching how the party lines form, break, and reform, sort of like stirring up an ant hill. What concerns me are the friendships that are broken-up because of these politicians. It starts off with stealing a candidate’s signs, and escalates to calling each other names, and then gets to friends shunning each other. It’s almost as bad as our presidential election was. (There are still some families that won’t forgive each other for whom they voted.) Don’t forget the Facebook toads that write nasty things and then quickly block people who don’t agree with them.

Take a moment to ponder this: if everyone looks at this as a game, then it’s OK. Where else can you get to kiss up to politicians, eat free food, and act like you’re all part of an AA program? This is the Sunland-Tujunga that is having growing pains. Our elected officials are supposed to be the midwives in this process. We can be swayed, however, and we can be screwed. Look at our last CD-7 rep. He started out great, then he ran into the STNC board and the Chamber of Commerce; it was downhill from there. Now don’t get me wrong, he actually did some good for us until we tried to tell him what to do, arrogant bastards that we are.

In a month, we are going to elect either a man or a woman, an Armenian or a Mexican. We will see how the demographics run. In any event, it will be as interesting as watching a version of “SunlandTujunga’s Got Talent.” I can only wish them both well as their respective king-makers try to cajole and sway the voters. What’s really fun to watch is how the “machine” is standing in the shadows waiting to see who has the best chance of winning. Why not? You can’t kiss up to both candidates without making enemies. I’m looking forward to seeing how the machine manipulates Nina Royal, the wanna-be editor of the North Valley Reporter, into something tangible. With the publication of her first hard copy newspaper in four years, she now can say that she really is an EDITOR. Let’s ignore the fact that almost everything was canned public service announcements. She was funded by someone — and it wasn’t the candidate’s camp. There are a lot of rumors flying (alternate facts?) around about who’s really behind it. As for me, I’ll just say, “It’s not over until the fat lady sings!”

If that sounds garbled, maybe it’s the water! April Fools.

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