Dying to Know All About You

Dear Editor,

I’ve been away for a couple of years and was going through my boxes of stuff and I found some of your old papers (2009) It made me think: How do you get all those wreck pictures? Do you cause them?

And what happens to the people in the pictures? I never read what happened to them or their families. Do you ever do a follow-up? And speaking of that, what ever happened to Ed Lee McMahon? The guy that was shot dead on Sunland Boulevard a couple of years ago. There were so many rumors about him being shot by an undercover policeman, a drug deal gone bad, or a jealous boyfriend? How come we never heard what happened? Or did you write it up and I missed it?

And another question. What is going on with you and the Chamber of Commerce? I thought you were all good friends. I saw the Foothills Paper Facebook page with a write up about Cindy Cleghorn and then it was gone. And then it was back. Could you do an article on what they are really achieving and who the main players are? I’m making up for a couple of years of not knowing what was happening here.

Even my wife likes the articles that you upload. Thanks for the breaking news section, no one else seems to care about reporting things that happen here in SunlandTujunga. Why do you? Just wondering.

I can’t seem to find your paper on a regular basis, where can I get one? Keep up the good work, your paper makes me laugh. Billy G

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