One Accident Leads to Another in Nassau Fire

by David DeMullé

It was a slow night as news nights go and I was sitting back watching the “Trump Debacle” when the call came in for a structure fire at the intersection of Nassau and Hillrose. I notified our IRP team and no one was close enough to cover it. So I went. The fire was still burning on the composition roof and firefighters were cutting open the attic area to check for live fire.

Neighbors said that the owner and workers were applying a sealant to the exposed wood decor when an accident required that they take the injured worker to the hospital. The sealant and rags were left on the deck and the conditions were right for an ignition of the fumes. The LAFD arrived within 5 minutes and working on both the deck and the roof, were able to stop the fire with minimal damage to the structure.

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