Millennials Are a Diamond’s Best Frenemy

It is not all too uncommon for brides-to-be to dream about their future engagement ring. After all, a diamond’s value is measured by the four factors known as the 4Cs: clarity, color, carat, and cut, so chances are there strict specifications on what to buy, but to keep the final ring a surprise.

Except for one bride, who’s fiance took a picture of her future ring online for the whole world to see.

William Oliver of Atlanta has taken to the crowdfunding website GoFundMe with a petition to raise money for a diamond engagement ring to give to his girlfriend, Alexandra. He has chosen a $15,000 sparkler of a ring and has asked his friends and family to help him foot the bill.

GoFundMe is a fundraising website that allows individuals anywhere in the world to donate money to any cause they deem worthy. Many have turned to GoFundMe with exponential success in receiving money for medical treatments, vacations, even paying bills — and with this in mind, Oliver’s campaign seems to be quite unusual.

Explaining that his GoFundMe page is a great way to “let everybody who loves us show us,” Oliver believes getting family and friends involved in purchasing the ring is the way to go. He was originally inspired after Alexandra gave him 30 gifts for his 30th birthday, and wants to get his campaign trending so he can one-up her on the innovation scale.

As of the date of publication, this interesting GoFundMe page has raised $594.

Crowdfunding a proposal isn’t the only new trend with those getting married. Now, most brides and grooms are in the Millennial generation, and they are saying goodbye to traditional diamonds and choosing colored gems instead in a plight to be a little bit different.

The reason why is pretty self-explanatory; while in the past 52% of brides say they would copy this trend off of celebs like Jessica Simpson or Halle Berry, that number is rising simply due to expensive ring costs.

Known as a fiscally irresponsible generation, Millennials are choosing not to splurge on their wedding jewelry and instead are focusing on putting down deposits on a home, paying off student loans, or spending their money to go explore the world.

As a result, more expensive diamonds are out, and colorful gems are in. In fact, Millennials have singlehandedly changed the long-standing belief of having the groom spend three month’s salary on a ring. Nowadays, engagement rings are only setting back the average American couple $700.

So while a diamond may be forever, it may need to move aside for gleaming rubies, opals, and pearls are taking over the spotlight.

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