Engineers and Cops to Fight Traffic Fatalities

by Bonnie Corwin On Saturday, April 1, at 10:00 am, Eve Sinclair facilitated a Vision Zero meeting hosted by the Safe Streets Committee of the STNC at our very own North Valley City Hall on Foothill Blvd. Two engineers from DOT presented information on the Vision Zero program and its upcoming campaign designed to create safer streets. Los Angeles and STNC Safe Streets Committee is in the process of implementing this campaign throughout all the neighborhood councils. Over the next several months you will notice banners, billboards and other campaign signs that the STNC will provide along Foothill Boulevard.

DOT engineers explained that Foothill Boulevard is in the top 6% dangerous corridors known as the HighInjury Network, due to the deaths caused by traffic accidents. City wide, the average aged crash fatality victim is 70 years old. Additionally, traffic collisions are a leading cause of death for children in Los Angeles. Statistics indicate that a pedestrian who is hit by a moving vehicle at 20 MPH will walk away from an accident, rather than perish. Vision Zero’s goal is zero deaths due to traffic accidents by 2025. DOT will be adding bollards in order to create safer passage for pedestrians, bicyclists and equestrians. Some lanes will be reduced from four to two so that traffic is forced to slow down. DOT is also considering adding more scramble crosswalks for pedestrians to cross the street in all directions at the same time. This alone deters drivers from making a turn that might accidentally harm a pedestrian.

Traffic Safety Officer Flores of Valley Traffic is responsible for traffic issues in the valley and explained that we have to let him know about complaints. If LAPD receives complaints, they work them for one to three months. Right now they are targeting Foothill Boulevard commercial between Sunland and Wentworth. Unfortunately, if LAPD does not hear any complaints they do not know what is going on. It’s also not the greatest idea to post on social media that there are traffic police giving out tickets. It impedes efforts to catch individuals who are breaking traffic laws and driving recklessly. If you would like to report a traffic complaint to Officer Flores, call him at 818-644-8142.

Officer Flores suggested it is probably not a good idea to text and cross the street. Pedestrians need to use common sense like watching the signs and crossing when it is legal to do so. Just because you are following the laws does not mean that a driver is paying attention. Stay alert at all times.

LAPD is enforcing the no right turn sign at La Tuna Canyon and Foothill Boulevard. This sign was installed to cut down on accidents. It’s imperative that we slow people down so that more people live and there are less traffic accidents. Both CD7 City Council candidates were at this meeting along with a Mayor’s representative, Assembly Member Raul Bocanegra and other neighborhood council representatives. To read more information about Vision Zero, go to Stay Safe!

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