Carnage Continues On La Tuna Canyon Road

Four people were killed in five months in Sunland-Tujunga as the city put the VisionZero program into effect. Safe Streets meetings continued with minimal response from the community.

When the fourth fatality happened at the intersection of Marybell and Wentworth, the city went into action. A town hall meeting was called. Traffic engineers along LAPD officers and reps from the mayor’s office came to discuss La Tuna Canyon and their upcoming plans for modifying Foothill Blvd. and the bike lane.

One witness to the Wentworth fatality accident on wrote to The Paper saying, “My reaction was essentially anger and frustration. I would have to say that the city is not responsible for any one particular crash or death no matter how bad it may be. This particular incident was not the city’s fault. No matter what we try to do, it’s still the driver’s responsibility to drive safely, even though it’s clear that these sections of the road are unsafe.”

This latest head-on accident on La Tuna Canyon was the result of someone driving at an unsafe speed and hitting two other vehicles head-on. Thankfully, there was no fatalities this time.

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