Vision 0-0

Some years ago, people were pushing “Vision 20-20,” an ambitious program of re-vitalizing Foothill Boulevard to make it look like Paseo Pasadena. And boy oh boy, was that shut down. So much so that its author, Julianne Maurseth, packed up and left town.

Then came Vision-0, a plan to stop traffic fatalities in Los Angeles by 2025. The nay-sayers jumped on that bug and almost stomped it to death. And now comes the CD-7 election that I call “Vision 0-0.” I really don’t want either candidate. At first I was really happy that Monica Rodriguez and Kara Torossian were in the run-off. Almost all the candidates that ran in the primary had the best interests of Sunland-Tujunga/Shadow Hills in mind when they filed their papers. But that is now history.

I’ve basically summed up the coming election this way: look at the supporters that each candidate has. I was sure that Karo was going to win because in my “Order Of Battle,” Karo did everything right. Even before the primary, he brought all the candidates together at his place for a “signature party.” This was to get everyone to sign each other’s signatures so that they could legally run for office.

THEN, after they lost and he was in the run-off, he once again called all the losers to his place to get their pledges to support him. NOW THAT IS UNDERSTANDING HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS.

Monica, on the other hand, went about her work getting pledges of signatures both in person and by a telephone bank. She actually went out of her way to go meet people she talked to on the phone. I really liked that. She was honest and sincere. She made people feel like they were a part of her campaign. Even after the primary, she was still hugging babies and kissing puppies like all good politicians do.

No one saw the specter of what was to come. No one saw it coming until the photos of the candidates’ supporters began to show up on the Internet hate sites. And it started going downhill, faster and faster, until absolutely no one knew who was real anymore.

You should have started getting all the campaign junk mail by now. Large, oversized slick attacks on each other. Now I’ll be the first one to say that Karo started it, and Monica is finishing it. Take a look at the pictures of the “community leaders” that both sides are touting as being their volunteers. Just take a look, and you will be able to identify with whatever group of misfits you want. Oh, don’t get me wrong; there are some really good people who have thrown their hat in their respective candidates ring, but the “lie, cheat & steal” mentality of some of the “volunteers” is going to drive the concerned voters away from this coming election.

Personally, I have never seen such a poorly run campaign by any of the candidates. Those same candidates that have to resort to telling really unbelievable lies (oops, “alternate facts”). Here we have Karo who started the campaign of lies, and Monica who picked up the same brush and retaliated with more lies.

Yes, boys and girls, this is going to be an interesting election. Not because of what the candidates say or do, but because of the haters that both sides have in their camp. Who knows, maybe it really is because of the water?

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