Bullets Cause Road Closure

Dear Editor, The Monday house break-in and eventual shooting the took place just off the Rim Canyon/Mt.Gleason intersection was obviously very unfortunate. The homeowner’s home was severely damaged by the bullets, tear gas, etc. The reportedly homeless man who died in the shooting, possibly even by airborne LAPD snipers (as reported in the L.A. Times on 5/10/17), was also very unfortunate. I passed through the Mt.Gleason/Rim Canyon area on Monday at about 1:30 p.m. and witnessed the large LAPD copter with the snipers sitting on the skids of the helicopter as it swooped down into the ravine.

But the eventual closure of Big Tujunga Canyon Road was probably uncalled for. So many people were impacted by this closure. Couldn’t the police have coordinated a single lane pass through lane with radio communications at both ends? The shooting event had long been over, yet the entire road was closed. There was even a serious rear-end crash near the Oro Vista hill up to the Riverwoods sub-division, adjacent to the LAPD road closure.

Obviously there are many issues to investigate in a shooting event like this, but the needs of the public should be addressed as well.

David Cook

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