Groomers have gone to the dogs

Dear Editor,

Recently I had an interesting conversation with my neighbor that angered me to the point of writing this letter. I greeted her and asked how she was doing. She told me that she was all right, but her day could have been better. “I was kicked out of a dog groomers today,” she said. I laughed and wanted to know what she had done. It sounded ridiculous. I was shocked and disturbed by the story that would follow.

My neighbor left her dog at a local dog groomer to be trimmed and bathed. After several hours she had not heard from the groomers about her dog. She then called them to see if they had finished with her dog yet. The person she talked to could not locate her file and also asked if the dog had a collar (which had been with the dog). My neighbor found this unprofessional of the business to just lose information for a client after going to them for years now. The conversation ended with the other person saying “Come get your dog.”

My neighbor got there and the person started yelling at her and told her to just take her dog and never come back. The person continued by accusing her of being kicked out of other dog grooming businesses, which is false. They also stated that they could get 10 better customers to take her place, which was uncalled for. Raising your tone is one thing, but attacked a person’s character is verbal abuse and unjustified in any situation.

On the surface, hearing this story it is easy to dismiss it. What makes it disturbing is that a person like this is working with pets on a regular basis. My neighbor’s dog was caught in the middle of this. After this the dog was cowering on the car ride home and ran to hide when she got in the door. On top of it all, the groomer did not even provide adequate service. The hair and nails of the dog had been cut way too short. We should not allow rude, unprofessional people who can’t provide adequate service to have access to our innocent pets. I think that any pet owner should look into where they are taking their pets.

I found the reviews on the website to be quite useful. This incident leaves me wondering what is going on at this place. I don’t like to drop names but let’s just say that the dog was not wagging its tail when they left this establishment.

A Concerned Neighbor

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