Mail Boxes Will Be Full of Political Mailers

My good friend David Hernandez called it out in a Facebook posting when he said, “Final two weekends before the May 16 runoff election. Mail boxes will be full of Political Mailers. Remember that no matter how slick they appear, 75% is an untruth, exaggeration or misinformation attempting to get you not to vote for someone or to get you to vote for the candidate they are supporting. Begin by looking at who paid for the mailer. Association is a good measure of who these candidates will be beholding to.”

Even I am surprised about the amount of lies and accusations flowing like an overrun toilet. And the people who are lapping it up as gospel don’t even notice the smell. Yup, boys and girls, this is really going to be an interesting election.

Last edition I made the comment, “You’re not voting for the candidate, you’re voting for the supporters.” And that’s where the lines get blurred. There’s all these good people that are really fighting for their candidate, and then there are the lowlife’s that jump on the bandwagon to scrabble for any political crumbs. So it really diminishes even that idea that you can vote for the supporters. THANK GOD FOR THE FACEBOOK HATE SITES.

It really is fun to surf them and see what the supporters are saying about the OTHER candidate. And they know that after it is all over, the best group of liars will have won. And that’s the problem. Maybe we should look back at what we did to our last councilman. Who knows? Maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy after all. May he just got tired of all the local crap and decided it wasn’t worth it? Now that is a thought to explore.

We have this great little community that has been ravaged by a few groups of spoilers that have sold their souls for a wall full of Certificates of Commendation. I can only say that maybe we deserve what we got. And this election for CD- 7 councilperson is no different. It started off so nicely with everyone being friends. And then as the months went “buy,” the candidates started flinging crap at each other. AND NO ONE SAID STOP! I just received another pile of oversized glossy flyers in the mail that have the disclaimer “Paid for by Residents for Better Public Service supporting …… This advertisement was not authorized by a City candidate or committee controlled by a candidate for this office.”

Wow! That means that the candidate paid their money and set the dogs of politics loose. And they have no responsibility for what is said. Maybe in the future we won’t even have real candidates, just cyber promoters.

I wish both candidates the best of luck, and hope that we as a community aren’t left lapping up that brown water!

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