S-T Neighborhood Council Funds

by Amelia Anderson

I wish to file a complaint against Krystee Clark and the STNC Budget Committee for a Brown Act violation on the evening of May 3rd, 2017 for the denial of my request to agendize Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council Funds to promote STNC outreach at the WOW-JAM Festival on July 1st.

My overview states, “Money to purchase water and chips that can be branded with an STNC logo pasted on” – A free festival for families to enjoy sun and fun, music and food in the mountain air at Sunland Park. As benefits, I proposed STNC “operate a card table booth to explain how the STNC operates, while handing out water and chips, cards or flyers to invite people to attend meetings and participate in projects.”

The funding requested was $500 for labeled water, chips and flyers. No sponsorship was requested.

This is the third year of the festival and the cost has been shared by a coalition of 20 churches. Past attendance has been 2,000 to 3,000 folks. This is an excellent opportunity to reach out to a new group of people. I offered to publish articles, raffle a prize, and collect signatures of those who may even run for office.

Krystee attacked me as though I had asked for the $40,000 tab. Then she insisted I was asking for a $500 co-sponsorship. She wouldn’t read my proposal, let alone out loud, and I didn’t have copies. Then she misinterpreted the City of L.A.’s “separation of church and state,” denying my proposal flat-out, never mind asking others to present their opinion or agendizing it according to the Brown Act so the rest of the board and townspeople could hear.

I was shocked at such rude treatment, dictatorial at best, and not in compliance with a presidential position, nor the interests of any neighborhood council. As I understand, city money is to be used in support of outreach to the various entities and groups that comprise community, to better bind them together in the solution of common problems. It is not to exclude or discriminate. Finally, Krystee relented that an STNC table could be set up, “only to hand out paper – no money, no water!”

This scenario occurred against a backdrop of hushed voices lamenting that $20,000 was too much to spend by the end of June even if they couldn’t shut down the 4th of July fireworks, so it was likely the bank balance would revert back to the city. Hastily they plunged in, making up expenditures – for us!

Expensive nameplates, Tshirts for the board and high school students, and a $2,000 party in June “to acknowledge outstanding people!” Never mind no formal requests were filled out. Special dispensation. “Agendize now and give us ‘till Friday to get paper work in,” they pled.

This was my first request for funds, because there was no help or training to do so, deterring myself and others. I hosted homeless functions every other month without asking for funds because It was apparent no board members had any interest in the homeless issue nor in helping me solve the number one issue of Mayor Garcetti and our city. In other words, no board member ever showed up. May I remind you this is not a popularity contest? City funds are to be used for the needs of the greater community, not for personal interests or pets of the board or for parties.

To rectify this situation, I submit a second request for council funds to be agendized for the STNC May 10 meeting. The purpose of these funds is for STNC outreach at the July 1 WOW JAM Festival. I contend my paperwork was proper, timely and correct; while the response was improper and unfair.

This is a complaint that I should not have been refused. I am prepared to file a grievance.

P.S. Save your postage for party invitations to me. I deal with life and death on the street, and that’s where this money should be going

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