Fire Risks Increase

by David DeMullé The risk of wildfire in Sunland-Tujunga is a reality. Fire officials are particularly concerned about the rain that came just after the brush fires on Lopez Canyon Rd., The fire on Coal Canyon at the Hansen Dam and the arson fires along the 201 freeway. As a result, our “fire season” has begun early, as indicated by the recent brush fires in Malibu and Riverside County, as well as smaller fires in Los Feliz and Beverly Hills. Some firefighters, with many years of experience, have noted with concern that the hills are drier than they have ever seen. We can expect that conditions will worsen with the growing heat, low humidity, and dry winds.

It’s a given, we all must be prepared for the risk of fire. And we can’t depend on LAFD Stations 24, 74 and 77 being able to respond quickly enough. Brush Clearance and weed abatement has made a huge difference in firefighters’ success in saving lives and property since the Station Fire. In talking with U.S. Forestry Station members, it was pointed out that the recent rains that posed flood and mudslide problems, also caused a greening of the hills and mountains.”

“Weed abatement and brush clearance must be planned,” said Dave Ellingsford of Ellingsford brush clearance, “it is important to both remove, or reduce the dense vegetation that has just sprung up almost over night. So in planning Brush Clearance and Vegetation Management, consideration must be given to both fire and flood risks.” And he continued, “Remember that the same vegetation that must be cut-back for fire prevention also stabilizes the hillside, and is protecting your family and home from mudslides. Proper brush clearance requires moderation, to protect against slope instability. Don’t just hire someone off the street, hire a professional.”

Brush Clearance

We are all subject to the special Brush Clearance Requirements for “Very High Fire Severity Zones.”

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