Young Tujunga Resident Helps Family Project

Angela Reagan and her daughter joined Lydia Hopwood, and several other families from the Foothills help pass out the Truth About Drugs Booklets to fellow neighbors.

“There is so much mis-information about drugs out there. Much of what is disseminated is actually mis-information from drug dealers,” said Lydia Hopwood, the in-charge of the Drug-Free World of the Foothills Chapter. “We want to offer the true data to kids and their families. In this day, with the advent of legal marijuana, the people deserve to understand everything they can, so they can make informed choices.”

Their first community event was a success. Eleven volunteers delivered 2,000 booklets (Truth About Drugs, Marijuana, Prescription Drugs and Alcohol) to over 500 homes in the Sunland area.

Angela Reagan said “I brought my three-year old daughter and she loved participating in our family’s cause. You can’t get kids involved in community activism too early in life. It is something that will stay with them throughout their lifetime. She was so proud of herself, helping like that.”

The non-profit Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a public benefit corporation. They offer these booklets at no charge as well as Truth About Drugs education kits and training. They have created a series of PSAs that can also be ordered on DVD for replay in schools, drug awareness information booths or large anti-drug assemblies and events. These PSAs have been airing to local network and cable stations, movie theaters, malls, sports arenas, train stations and airport terminals.

Koko Tabibzadeh is in charge of the Los Angeles Area Foundation for a Drug-Free World. Her cause involves minimizing potrelated businesses from cropping up throughout independent municipalities in the area. “Proposition 64 (legalizing marijuana for recreational use) passed in California last November.”

There are consequences and negative impacts of allowing marijuana into communities. Simply look at the statistics as seen in other states and counties that have allowed marijuana with medical or recreational use. The effects include increased crime, DUIs and fatal car accidents caused by high drivers; increased use among youth. Now look at pot as a “gateway drug” for marijuana addicts moving onto harder drugs. And when you ask the Denver police, there is a steep increase in homelessness. Just check out the internet to see for yourself in the downsides of states and cities legalizing marijuana. It may just open your eyes.

Free booklets, education kits and PSA DVDs can be obtained on www.

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