Arnie’s Chamber Mixer Has Unexpected Results!

Last Wednesday, the S-T, Shadow Hills Chamber of Commerce was hosted by Arnie’s Coffee & Cruise and a wonderful time was had by almost all! It was decided to combine the mixer with the presentation of the Honorary Sheriff’s badge to Winner Bud Fales by the Chamber. It was also a good time for Sgt. Herreld Egger (retd) to make an announcement about a Bolton Hall event.

That qualified the event to be a 3-ring circus. Everybody was having a great time eating the pizza and drinking the specialty coffees when “Lie-Cheat & Steal Sonia Tatulian” showed up and started passing out business cards for her competition group The S-T Business Association. A real slap in the face to Chamber of Commerce president Monique. While Sonia was distracting the crowd by yelling at the disabled veterans present that “You have to pay! – Everyone has to pay!” her bodyguard Kurt Koesler was lurking around The Paper’s Rover. When confronted, he swung on Doc and promptly “fell down.”

When he got up, he started ranting and yelling that Doc was a Mother F*ker and his face began turning a dark purple. He summed up his rants by yelling at Doc, “You’re Ugly.” Unbeknownst to the assembled chamber members, disabled veterans and friends, Kurt was having a meltdown saying things like “I’m going to make you feel pain & I’m going to hurt you!” All the while the blood was dripping down his arm.

LCS Tatulian saw the spectacle and fled out the driveway with Kurt in tow. And the party went on, Bud Fales received his Honorary Sheriff Badge, everyone ate the remaining pizza and enjoyed the mixer with their friends.

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