New Housing Effecting Foothills

This is a great old town that is going through major changes. People are different from those who we grew up with. For some reason people have major differences of opinion when it comes to developing our community. Lots of years ago I had a wonderful office manager named Claudia Holloway. She hated the idea of new buildings on Commerce and Foothill Blvd.

People were trying to bring in what was then called Vision 20-20, a plan like what was happening in Pasadena and other communities. It embodied the concept of having a business establishment on the ground floor and apartments or condos on the top floor. Sort-of “one size fits all!” It would provide a new face to the commercial area and more housing in the community.

You might not have noticed, but affordable housing is non-existent here in S-T. Wait until your kids want to move out (and you want them to!) and they can’t even come up with the First-Last & Security deposit much less the $1,500 a month rent for a onebedroom apartment.

A different problem that only affects some people is the mansionization of our town. People who have no roots here, buy up 2 lots and create this 3,000 sq. foot mansion in the middle of single family houses built in the 50’s. I look at the monstrosity on Samoa St.. All these new buildings and waivers to allow for one-car per apartment. Not good. But no one gets excited until it happens to them.

Yup boys & girls, we are getting overloaded with houses that local people can’t afford, having to find parking spaces on a street with no parking, and the increase of vandalism and thefts from these new places. Not a good situation. I’ve mentioned it before, but they are continuing plans to create the Canyon Park Homes. Our State Representative Bocanegra got $3.5 million from the state to help buy the property and create a green-zone. Unfortunately, it still needs $3 million from the community to do it. Anyone want to step up?

I didn’t think so. People are talking about moving out of the area. Maybe to Santa Clarita. Anywhere else that they can afford to live and have a better way of life for their family.

People are tired of the trash, the homeless, the violence and the lawlessness. Our LAPD is powerless to do anything because the citizens won’t stand up for themselves. And yes, there is a way to move the homeless out of our town, but unless someone has their hands in the till, nothing is going to happen. So you lose. You think it’s bad now? Wait until the weather really gets hot. Then you’re going to see how your tax dollars work in putting out the wildfires the homeless campers create in the Big-T.

I have an interesting idea. How about just buying fire extinguishers for the campers. Make them gaudy and have the words “NOT FOR RESALE – HOMELESS PROGRAM ONLY!” Think about it. Every time our fire crews roll on a homeless fire incident, it cost us $2-3,000 dollars. Wouldn’t a $25 fire extinguisher and maybe even a propane BBQ be a lot cheaper? Oh well, maybe I’ve been drinking too much of the water?

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