The Ultimate Book For Monster Fans

New book by Pete Von Sholly

Over 1100 fantastic creatures are featured with info on each- from the world’s mythologies, folklore, legends, and classic fiction by Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, Conan Doyle, and H. G. Wells; pulp fiction masters Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith and others; a full H.P. LOVECRAFT spread: movies, comics animation, tv, crypto, and more!

Pete Von Sholly, who has contributed storyboards to tons of monster movies and has written and illustrated comics for Dark Horse, IDW, BOOM!, Denis Kitchen, Last Gasp, TwoMorrows and others, has spared no effort to make this brand-new collection of creatures as inclusive as possible. Last September, Pete suffered a near-death medical emergency that brought him too close to crossing over to the Other Side for comfort. His “miracle” recovery, as the surgeons described it, left him profoundly grateful — and renewed his determination to accomplish his artistic goals while he still walks on this side of the grass! There’s no one, dead or undead, who churns out so many great monster artworks, cartoons, and original stories – usually with a wryly humorous slant.

Pete writes, “My first kickstarter worked well and opened up the possibility of putting out my own books without waiting for publishers. With the advent of high quality digital printing and crowdfunding, the possibilities for the small self-publisher are wide open today– a fantastic opportunity for an independent, freespirited artist! Even a few years ago, you had to print thousands of books to get the unit price down to something sane. Then you had to find a way to get it distributed to fans, which was the hardest thing of all. And every link in the chain involved middlemen who chipped away at the artist’s profits and often injected their opinions of what they thought would sell.

“I want to spend the time that remains to me (and I hope it’s a LOT) putting out my own stuff rather than working for others. This is the most exciting time of my life in which to bring what I love to do directly to my readers.”

He is making a special edition of his book in hardcover- comes with new cover art, a DUST JACKET and a Mylar brodart (cover) to keep the DJ from scuffing and scratching. Check the rewards section of the Kickstarter to order!


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