Honorary Mayor Candidates

Like they say, “sometimes it’s not worth gnawing through the straps in the morning.” Whoever said that sure didn’t live in Sunland-Tujunga. This month is a real milestone for our community. We have two candidates for Honorary Mayor that are really getting out and meeting people, making friends, and collecting votes for this fun event.

Put on by the Chamber of Commerce, this year they decided to let the candidates loose and run for mayor without the chamber getting in their way. Nope, there isn’t any in-fighting this year, just plain old home-spun fun.

Rachel Seward has been having the time of her life running her events at the American Legion hall, and John Clausen has been having great get-togethers at local restaurants. Nobody ever said that running for office would be so fattening. But boy, oh boy, the food has been great.

And this is what SunlandTujunga used to be all about. Having fun and raising money for local charities. In this case, both the Elks and the Legion will be receiving half of the money raised to help their veterans programs.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some real old-timers that were born and raised here. The stories they tell are a wonderful cross-section of our community. As they spun their tales, I made notations on where I can find a story or photos from our archives. And that puts life into what really happened here.

On the flip side of the coin, we have Eddie Rivera sending me a story about a local kid that made good, and giving me permission to run it. Then of course, he had to spin the tale on Facebook that I stole it. What a turd. But then again, look who he works for.

Anyway, I fully support the Honorary Mayors Race and the Sunland National Night Out where we celebrate our local heroes, the emergency service providers and our local police officers. These local events actually bring people together.

What is really great is that besides getting fat from eating at all those fund raisers, PEOPLE ARE REALLY HAVING FUN! And that, boys and girls, is what it’s all about. We can only go up from here. So if you haven’t purchased your tickets, now is the time to track down your favorite candidate or log on to: www.stchamber.com/mayor-vote.

It doesn’t matter how many tickets you buy or from whom, it’s all fun and benefits our local veterans program. And NO, you can’t use the excuse that It’s The Water!

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