S-T Honorary Mayoral Candidates Want Your Vote

A good time was had by all at John Clausen’s, Honorary Mayor Charitable Campaign that was held at Caruso’s last Wednesday night. If you missed last week’s event, don’t worry, Johnny and Rita, owners of Caruso’s Italian restaurant in Tujunga have graciously offered their restaurant every Wednesday for the month of July to support John’s campaign. 25% of dine in and take out receipts will be donated to the campaign, which benefits veterans and special needs children’s programs. The food at Caruso’s is so delicious and the owners are so kind. If you haven’t tried it yet you definitely should come out next Wednesday. John and the Team were was so excited to make new friends in the community and see so many familiar faces. At the heart of this campaign is John’s wish to build unity in the community and he feels very honored to be part of this. He would like to wish all the candidates the best of luck with their campaigns and charities.

For more details on upcoming events or to vote for John go to LindaKnutson.com and click on #VOTE4JOHN or call (818) 795-6783.

Rachel Seward

Rachel Seward

On July 15, 2017, the American Legion Post 377 in Tujunga, CA took a Polynesian trip with Rachel Seward, Honorary Mayor candidate by way of her fundraiser. It felt like vacationing in paradise. Her success benefits the American Legion. The delicious dinner was catered in from Rutts Café.

Rachel joyfully spoke about how she had never done anything like this before and she felt she was out of her comfort zone. You would never know that by watching her in action. She was all over the room greeting guests, selling raffle tickets, and making sure that the food and raffle baskets were in place. Joan Slater helped with the event and collected money for raffle tickets. Bonnie Corwin was all set to help serve food with Rachel; however, Dan Kellergreen had that all under control with the Boy Scouts.

Almost everyone decked out in their Polynesian best. And Rachel Seward decorated the room so that one could almost imagine the grace, romance and natural beauty of vacationing in the Islands. We were entertained with a dancer who performed the Hula dance, then a Tahitian dance, with Dan Kellergreen’s assistance and the band WHAT4?

The fundraiser went without a hitch and collected a large amount of money. Doug Slater went home with an actual firing cannon during the live auction. There were several raffle prizes that contained delightful items, such as an American Flag throw, and a White House Historical Association Christmas ornament.

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