“Undercover” Deputy Sandy Capps Gets Off Again!



The 2nd District Court of Appeals overturned a recent decision that allowed the names of L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies who had lied, stolen, falsified reports and committed other types of “moral” misconduct to be given to prosecutors.

This reversal now prevents the over 300 names compiled by the L.A. County Sheriff from being made known, even though they could seriously affect the outcome of a criminal case where they could be potential witnesses.

Deputy Capps, who lives in Sunland, is known for telling people that she is an “Undercover Sheriff” and using her fake position to intimidate and coerce people into doing what she wants them to do. Unfortunately for residents of SunlandTujunga, she has been able to convince a group of mentally challenged people to do her bidding and attack anyone who gets in her way.

A typical example is her using unemployed day laborers like Kurt Koesler to steal newspapers, vandalize vehicles, steal license plates and create an “e-mail mill” where she and her cohorts would send out dozens of hate e-mails and post on local Facebook sites. Another one of her cohorts, Koesler’s girlfriend Nancy DeGange Shannon, was recently censured by the Glendale Unified School District for using school time and equipment to post hate materials on Facebook sites. Capps is not a victim, just another cop gone bad.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) has shown that it will go out of its way to protect one of their own. The fact that the appeals court has overturned the previous lower court’s decision, shows how the identities of deputies who do wrong in Los Angeles County are protected. This ruling is the latest turn in the fight to release a secret list that was compiled by the LASD of 300 deputies whose history of misconduct could damage their credibility if they were ever called to testify in criminal cases.

Although the appeals court in their decision has ruled on maintaining the strict confidentiality of law enforcement personnel files, it did leave open the possibility that the amassed names could be released by a court order. It is not known if this ruling will be appealed.

Deputy Capps has been the subject of many complaints from residents of Sunland-Tujunga, and although the Sheriff’s Internal Affairs Officer has spoken with her, the fact still remains that she used her “color of authority” to malign and attack local residents that were working with the local homeless.

“She is a liar and a vandal,” said one person who was stalked by Capps. But the scandal-ridden Sheriff’s Dept. will do anything to protect their own, even with the scandals that started with top Sheriff Bacca getting charged with criminal conspiracy.

“There should not be greater concern for protecting officers with histories of lying, domestic abuse, evidence tampering and other immoral conduct from public scrutiny than for ensuring that individuals accused of crimes receive a fair trial,” said Melanie Ochoa, a staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.

In the meantime, Capps is free to harass, intimidate and threaten our local residents.

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